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Responses (Friends of POPTAP) 

Hi Dottie, 
Thank you so much for the POPTAP package!  That really brightened my day and has reminded me how powerful a positive attitude can be.  Thanks for thinking of me.   
A.K.  Chapel-Hill, NC

Dear Mrs. Harkins:
Thank you so much for the gifts you gave me.  That was so thoughtful of you and I very much appreciate your kindness.  I read about your organization and what great work you are doing.  This world is such a blessing because of people like you.  Thank you again for thinking of me.
J.B.  Midlothian, VA

Dear Ms. Harkins,
Thank you so much for the POPTAP gift bag.  I had not heard of it, but do love what it stands for.  It actually made me tear up knowing that someone who I've never even met was kind and thoughtful enough to send me items that have so much meaning.  Thanks again.  It was so appreciated.
W.B.  Lexington, NC

Thank you all so much for the POPTAP items.  I use my cup everyday and think of you all.  As I begin this unwanted journey, please know how grateful I am for friends like you.  Thanks again.
S.K.  Raleigh, NC

I truly appreciate all the POPAP items you sent me, very useful.  Enclosed is something for your great organization to contribute to a wonderful cause.  Keep up the good work.  Best wishes to you and your family. 
M.D.  Richmond, VA  
Dear Dottie,
Thank you so much for your donation and the POPTAP care package.  I can't tell you how much your support meant to me while I went through treatment, surgery, and now recovery.  I couldn't have survived without your help.  Thank you so much!   With love and gratitude.
J.D.  Denver, Colorado  

Dear Dottie,
I received you POPTAP package and was overwhelmed by you kindness and thoughtfulness to a stranger.  I appreciate your caring very much. 
Thank you so very much. 
D.R.  New York, NY

Dear Dottie & Brian,
What a wonderful surprise for Rowland.  He teared up reading your note and really appreciates the support group he has.  To have friends of friends to contact him, pray for him is so powerful.  POPTAP really works and for you guys to share that hat and key chain was really special.  Hope to meet you soon.
R&M G.    New Kent, VA. 

Dear Dottie & Brian,
Thank you so much for all the POPTAP goodies you sent.  I especially love the hat.  Dottie, you are an inspiration for me to stay strong and positive.  I have a lot of people pulling for me and a lot of prayer warriors out there!  And I know you guys are part of that group.  Please know of my love and appreciation.
P.M.  Midlothian, VA

Dear Dottie,
A few days before my surgery we received a wonderful package from POPTAP with tee shirts, hats, flashlights, and other things bearing the POPTAP message - Power of Positive Thinking and Prayer.  It brought me to tears, that there were people that I didn't even know that were concerned and wanted to help us.   It was so wonderful.  I have attached a picture I took the day before the surgery with Anette and I wearing the POPTAP hats. I went into this diagnosis and surgery with deep concern.  It was so great to learn about your experience that you directed us to.  I went to the POPTAP website and learned about your surgery and saw the pictures from your experience.  I didn't know anyone that had been through this.  Erika, thank you so much and thanks to Dottie and the people at POPTAP, they have blessed me and Anette so much.  I appreciate their kindness so much.
A&M C.    Provo, UT  

Dottie & Brian,
We hope all is going well for you all this Summer.  We are very proud of the evolution of POPTAP!  Keep up the great work.
M&L D.   Richmond, VA       

Dear Dottie,
I want to give you a huge thank you.  I was at my Mother's house today when the package arrived and she was amazed and uplifted by the gifts.  She has been wearing the POPTAP hat ever since she opened it and plans on wearing it to church tomorrow.  I can tell you now that everyone in her neighborhood is going to be very familiar with POPTAP!  Thanks so much,
C.S.  Chesterfield, VA

A client of mine's neighbor received her POPTAP hat after she was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and has been undergoing chemo.  She wears her POPTAP hat when going for walks and wears it very often.  I think it is wonderful that POPTAP gives people Hope when they may not be as fortunate with their journeys.
Thank you,
H. H.   Winston-Salem, NC
Dear Dottie,
Thank you so much for the POPTAP hat.  I wear it all the time! Dr. White got a kick out of it and I actually got a chuckle out of him when I showed it to him.  He is a fantastic surgeon, isn't he? Your hat was in an article written by Dr. Sherry Fox for the Cullather Brain Tumor Institute.  Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon.
M.W.  Richmond, VA

Thank you so much for the POPTAP keychain/light and hat.  I appreciate your kind gesture.  It definitely brightened my day and outlook.  I am so thankful my daughter Angie has friends like you.  Thanks again.
T.W.  Lexington, NC 

I love the POPTAP hat!  We will wear it proudly as it absolutely summarizes how we feel.  I know I have never allowed myself to think of anything  but a positive outcome from this medical challenge as you put it.  We have prayed constantly and have had the wonderful benefit of prayers and happy strengthening words and thoughts from friends,
acquaintances and strangers.  I know that Keith feels that positive energy and it's why he's here today.  Thank you for sharing your story.  I'm so happy that you are well.  I always think of POPTAP!  What a wonderful word.  Thank you.    
E.M., K.M. and Family  Richmond, VA

Thanks for sharing this.  Your story and what you are doing is very inspirational.  Very impressive too.
P.G.  Pleasanton, CA

I received my hat today and was so enlightened by your story.  It made my day.  See, I also think things happen for a reason.  Thanks so much and may God bless Dottie, Brian, and POPTAP.
P.H.  Church Road, VA

Dear Dottie,
Thank you so much for the POPTAP cap.  I wear it all the time!  Dr. White got a kick out of it and I actually got a cuckle out of him when I showed it to him.  He is a fantastic surgeon.  You car was in an article written by Dr. Sherry Fox for the Cullather Brain Tumor Institute.  Thank you and I hope to talk to you soon.
M.R.  Richmond, VA

Dottie & Brian,
Thanks for the stuffed shells and yummy bread with the salad.  It helped to put Kenny on the road to recovery - the POPTAP hat was very special.  Your visit perked him up.  Good friends are so important at anytime but especially when you're down.  Thanks.
K.B and M.B.  Midlothian, VA

Dottie & Brian,
I had no idea that the hat you gave me was related to positive thinking and prayer.  I just assumed it was some gag gift dealing with my brain surgery, you know my pop tapped.  Great job on the website and congratulations.  Thanks.
K.C.  Roanoke, VA

Dottie & Brian,
Love the website and the message.  I'm excited to share this with others.

K.G.  Richmond, VA

Dear Dottie,
Thank You.  What a beautiful thing you have done for me and I am sure for so many others.  Your prayers and good wishes are greatly appreciated.  I am inspired by your own story and courage.  I would love to meet you sometime and when I am on the other side of this help out in any way.  Again, thanks so very much!!!
T.F.  Los Angeles, CA

Dottie & Brian,
WOW guys.  This is incredible.  Great job.
J.Z.   Midlothian, VA

Dottie & Brian,
The POPTAP site is amazing, great job.  I think it's the beginning of something special.  I look forward to watching where it goes.  Congratulations to two great role models for all of us to follow!
T.T.  Richmond VA

Dear Dottie,
Enclosed is a donation for your wonderful POPTAP.  Thank you so much fo my hats.  I wear them with smiles and a strong belief in their message.  Wish gratitude and best wishes.
J.S.  Midlothian, VA

Dear Dottie,
Thank you so much for all of the POPTAP gear.  Its all super cool and made me feel better.
C.M.  Winston-Salem, NC   


Dottie & Brian,
Thank you so much for the POPTAP goodie bag and for thinking of us.  He has kept a positive attitude and looks forward to the end in November.  We hope you both are well and continue your mission to be a positive example to others.
Love, W.G, S.G. & R.G.  Lexington, NC

Dottie & Brian,
Thank you for spreading the POPTAP love to me during a really difficult time.  You have no idea what a blessing that is has been.  I've scattered the goodies around my spaces to be reminded of the good things in my life.  I feel so blessed to have your daughter Hillary in my life.  Thanks you all for being so amazing, with gratitude.
J.K.  Lexington, NC

Thank you for introducing our family to POPTAP.  I was so surprised to receive the hat and key chain, but as I began to process the meaning - I was deeply honored.  Thank you for sharing such a blessing with me and for your love, support, prayers, and of course Positive Thoughts.  Much love and many thanks.
W.O.  Lexington, NC   

Thank you for helping Sandy victims.  People are so touched that people everywhere are so kind and generous.  With much thanks and many blessings.
S&B G.  Long Island, NY

It was so great meeting you and Brian tonight.  Hope we keep in touch and meet again!  Love what you guys stand for.
Take care,
C.N.  Virginia Beach, VA

Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you for your wonderful POPTAP package. Life sure throws you curve balls.  Still doing OK, will be seeing the top neurologist in the country at Georgetown University Medical Center, call it a family affair.
C.H.  Richmond, VA
Dear Brian,
Although I only got to speak to you briefly, I just felt compelled to tell you of the impact POPTAP had on me.  When I got back to my office tonight I was choked up trying to describe to my coworkers and managers of the beautiful POPTAP message and cause that I learned about from one of my customers.  You and your wife's journey truly has inspired me and I would love nothing more than to find someway to help support the POPTAP cause.  It was a pleasure to speak to you and hopefully we will have time to commit to POPTAP.
Thanks again,
L.P.  Richmond, VA

Dear Dottie,
Thank you so very much for the wonderful POPTAP goody package, its certainly lifted my spirits.  We go day to day waiting for our miracle!!  Thanks so much.
A.B.  New Rochelle, NY

Hi Dottie,
I wanted to thank you for the POPTAP care package.  It is greatly appreciated.  I do agree with the philosophy that prayer and positive thinking are crucial when dealing with difficulties such as health scares.  I appreciate your friendship and hope to see you again soon.
S.L.  Chesterfield, VA

Hi Dottie,
Just want to say thank you so much for sharing your condition with me.  I really appreciate it.  Also, thanks for the POPTAP care package!
O.O.  Larchmont, NY
Dear Dottie & Brian,
On behalf of Special Olympics of Virginia, we would like to thank you so much for your generous support of our Special Olympics of Virginia Area 31 golf tournament.  We were able to raise over $4,000.  We also acknowledged your support by placing a sponsor sign on the golf course. Special Olympics strives to change society's perceptions and acceptance of all individual differences.  But moments of magic that take place in Special Olympics are only possible because of donations from generous people and organizations like POPTAP.  For that, we are enormously grateful  THANK YOU!
C.W.  Richmond, VA

Dear Dottie,
POPTAP - What a powerful, mind thinking, beautiful acronym.  Thank you so very much for my POPTAP hat.  I will cherish it and your story forever.  After receiving it the night before my surgery I kept that word in my thoughts every day since surgery.  I agree with you that there are no limits to the power of positive thinking and prayer.  You are a dear friend.  Please drop by and see me sometime.
C.W.  Midlothian, VA

Dottie and Brian,
What a great story and inspirational message.  Dottie's journey back to health is quite remarkable and Sandy and I are feeling really fortunate about our health at this stage of our life. Dottie's courage and the support that she received from her family says so much about who you guys are.  Stay strong.
R.L.  Stafford, VA

Thank you so much for the POPTAP hat!  I wear it all the time.  I should have written this note months ago, but now I can write it and tell you I am cancer free.  I hope you are doing well and can't wait to see you at recital.  Thank you again for such a wonderful gift.
M.A.  Midlothian, VA

Dear Dottie,
What a surprise to receive that precious hat and your wonderful words of encouragement.  I remember so well hearing how quickly you recovered from your surgery.  The hats are a great idea!  I am constantly being humbled and amazed at the kindness of people all around.  Thanks so much for thinking of me and for taking the time to pass along your POPTAP story.
Love, M.C.  Virginia Beach, VA

Dear Dottie,
Awesome video reflecting an even more awesome story.  You are an inspiration to all of us.  Much love and happiness in the new year.  
A.M.  Midlothian, VA 

Dear Dottie,
I love it.  IT IS GREAT STUFF.  I hope it becomes everything you want it to.  Wishing you all the best and many more happy endings.
G.S.  Midlothian, VA

Dear Dottie & Brian,
Thank you so much for coming to help celebrate our mother's life.  It was so great to hear all the wonderful stories and memories of our mothers.  She touched so many people.  Also wanted to thank you for all the POPTAP gear.  The sentiment seems to have become a mantra for our family.  Good friends make the hard times easier.
S&M F.  New Fairfield, CT 
Thanks for all the help.  I truly dig the whole POPTAP vibe and will start sharing it with friends in need.  What an awesome way to say "Keep the faith!  You're not in this alone!"

C.K.  Midlothian, VA

I love your website.  Your picture looks just like you.  It's perfect and so is your message.  Love ya. 
L.T.  Wallace, NC

Mr. Harkins,
Thank you so much for sharing POPTAP with us.  People like you are why the Gait Center is so special.  Wishing you much success.
D.B.  Richmond, VA

Thank you for your very kind note, info., and hat.  I'll be sure to dig into and learn as much as I can.  Its gret to hear about your success.  It's also reassuring to know that success can be achieved.  Thanks so much, wishing you the very best.
D.B.  Denville, NJ

Thank you so very much for my wonderful POPTAP gifts and for your sweet note.  They are so thouhtful and I can't thank you enough for your thoughts and prayers during our difficult few weeks.  POPTAP is the real deal as we received great news that everything is OK with our baby.  I've heard amazing things from my parents about you and your message.  Keep up the great work!  Thanks you again.
T.D.   Richmond, VA 

Dottie & Brian,
Thanks so much for the thoughtful gifts.  I really appreciate the kindness and support of our friends and family during my wife's battle with brain cancer.  Merry Christmas to you and your family.
M.W.   Midlothian, VA

Thank you so much for the nice POPTAP surprise package.  It was such a spirit booster to open your box of goodies.  We are so blessed to have so many friends praying for a positive outcome that we can't help but be hopeful ourselves.  We know that God has a plan for all of this and so far one of the really good things has been to reconnect with many people we had lost touch with over the years.  Again, can't thank you enough for your kind thoughts and prayers.  Hope you and your family have a truly blessed holiday season.
S.K.   Richmond, VA 

Mr & Mrs Harkins,
Thank you so much for the wonderful care package and card.  It means so much during this difficult time.
S.H.  Winston-Salem, NC