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The next three days were scary for my husband and I.  Time was spent researching my tumor and aligning myself with a top-notch medical team.  Brain surgery was scheduled for a month later.  Being a 'glass half full thinker', right from the start I had complete confidence that I was going to be fine.  However, I did spend a great deal of time thinking about myself, mostly in the middle of the night.  The support from family, friends, and even casual acquaintances impacted me in a way that cannot be measured.  The acronym came to me one night; the 'Power Of Positive Thinking And Prayer'.  I feel strangely tied to this silly little phrase.  POPTAP®  so simply represents what I believe and how I live.  Hats with POPTAP embroidered on the front were made for me, my husband, and two daughters to wear to the hospital the morning of my surgery.

We love sharing the story and all that it represents.  My surgery was a complete success and in very short time I was back to my old self.  Since then POPTAP has taken on a life of its own.  Many hats have been given to people who face medical or other unusual challenges.  For me there are no limits to the Power of Positive Thinking and Prayer.  POPTAP merchandise (such as hats, t-shirts, key chains, and magnets) communicates hope and positive energy in times of life's adversities.  When worn, smiles magically appear.  Everyone at some point in time faces life's misfortunes:  medical, physical, emotional, financial, spiritual, and more.  As simplistic as it may appear, it is my hope that POPTAP will do for you what it did for me and my family.  POPTAP has no limits.


Dottie Harkins                                                         
Founder/President, POPTAP Inc.
A 501(c)(3) non-profit charity in support 
of Brain Tumor Research and Awareness.

Our Mission: Together with family and friends, POPTAP strives to provide inspirational support for those experiencing physical and emotional challenges by creating, promoting, and advocating a positive wellness-based lifestyle. 

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